Spit it out!

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If it tastes good, SPIT IT OUT!

Probably the easiest nutritional rule to follow if you are having trouble losing weight and getting your six pack abs. Why is this so simple, basic, and TRUE? Because food today is manufactured to be irresistible, typically by using lots of fat, sugar, salt, simple carbs, or artificial flavorings. If you are having trouble losing weight, its most likely because the foods you like taste good to you because of those things. If you dont know whats in your tasty food, SPIT IT OUT, because there is a 95% chance that its chock full of sugar, salt, simple carbs, fat or artificial flavors! Know what is in the food you are eating!!! If you cant list ALL the ingredients of the food in your mouth and the macros to within 10% then SPIT IT OUT! Its making you fat.

Because the first “Spit It Out!” video upset everyone so much, I decided to make another that people will hate even more! Seriously, when videos bring haters out of the woodwork, I know I am on the right track. People LOVE those “gain 2″ on your arms” videos. If I were to make a video that everyone liked, that would be my indication it was time to retire from the fitness business. My goal is to tell it like it is, and very often that is unpopular news that makes people angry. Part of nutritional education is realizing that all foods cant taste like fireworks in your mouth. If you cant lower your bodyfat to where you want it then you have to learn to like bland, natural flavors like raw vegetables, plain oatmeal, unsweetened and unflavored yogurt. I dont care if you dont find them tasty or not, decide whats more important to you.

I dont care if you like me.
I dont care if you like how I look.
I dont care if you dont like the way I talk.
I dont care if you do my workouts or someone elses.
I dont even care if you do skateboard squats

All I care about is that YOU take control of your health and fitness and realize that YOU are the only one who can make yourself lean, healthy, and muscular. Stop making excuses. You dont have a slow metabolism. You dont have bad genetics. You dont need pills. You dont need surgery. You dont need expensive books. You need to educate yourself about nutrition, you need to do daily cardio, and you need to consistently lift weights. There are no shortcuts, its slow and hard but you CAN do it!