Most Inspirational, Zyzz or Jeff Seid?

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Inspirational, Zyzz or Jeff Seid

First, who has the best physique is a completely different question from who is the most inspirational. Jeff Seid has a better physique, ok, next question.

Who is most inspirational. For people to find someone inspirational, they need to identify with them in some fashion. They need to see some aspect of themselves in their hero which makes them realize that if they work hard, they could probably follow in their hero’s footsteps. This is why I have put so much work in the success stories contest over the years because when people see a before picture of someone that looks just like them, they start to realize that maybe they too can improve their physique. Arnold Schwartzenneger is a classic fitness role model. Shows up as a poor immigrant speaking broken English, works out at Golds, becomes a movie star, marries a Kennedy, and becomes the Governor of California. Lots of people can relate to the immigrant success story.

Jeff Seid

Lets start with Jeff Seid. In all his videos he talks about how he is being flown around the world for photo shoots, dropping a few thousand dollars for a website, and other things in the stratosphere. Seriously, what kind of teen can relate to that? Nobody! Most teens cant even afford protein powder and creatine. His version of hardship seems to be when he spills his latte on his new white sneakers. Lets look at his physique thru the years:


What teen is going to look at that and identify with any of his before pictures? None! Pretty to look at but an inspiration? Not at all. Some serious but unsolicited advice for Jeff – a little bit of humble goes a long way. Remember that although you are the king of aesthetics now, you wont always have that physique, especially if you don’t start doing your cardio.


Now lets look at Zyzz on the other hand. He was a shy, skinny, lanky, and awkward teen that I can identify with, and I’m guessing that everyone out there except high school jocks like Jeff can too.


He went from someone that nobody even noticed, to someone who millions idolized thru lifting weights. He showed that you could not only better your physique but better your whole life thru bodybuilding. Its always been my goal to show people how they can improve their whole lives thru fitness and bodybuilding and I hate to admit it, but Zyzz got the message out better than I have.

Many of Zyzz’ detractors will point to reported steroid use, his smoking, his partying, his avoidance of cardio, or any other of his not-so-healthy habits. All probably true but that doesn’t change the fact that Zyzz has inspired a generation to work out. Arnold Schwartzenneger wasn’t any saint either but he inspired the previouw generation to lift weights. Its not about saint-hood, its about inspiration. I think most people who admired Zyzz and followed in his footsteps were smart enough to realize that emulating all his YOLO habits was probably not the wisest thing to do. There are a lot of people walking around today with their heads held tall and shoulders held back because Zyzz got them started working out. If I can inspire 1/10 the number of people that Zyzz did, I will be very, very happy.

Haters, please post your rebuttals below: