Men’s Health Magazine Induced into Fitness Hall of Shame

Congratulations to Men’s Health Magazine, the latest addition to the Fitness Hall of Shame!  Are they so desperate to sell subscriptions that they are going to stoop to promising a pound of muscle a week? I used to think this magazine was one of the better ones – not saying much considering how low the bar is.  Sometimes I just get tired of fighting this BS, its like I am fighting a forest fire all by myself. For every ember I snuff out, a hundred more burst into flame.

As Kyle, one very humorous Facebook fan said – “It’s not BS, it actually works. I’ve been doing the program for 5 years and have put on over 250 lbs of pure muscle!

I dont know too many physicians who would put “Health” and “Gain 52lbs of muscle a year” in the same sentence.

Anyway, please congratulate Men’s Health Magazine – the latest Hall of Shame member!



Please note that there can be some confusion between Men’s Fitness Magazine and Men’s Health magazine since Men’s Health seems to have copied the branding of Men’s Fitness.  As far as I know, Men’s Fitness is still a good magazine – do not confuse that with Men’s Health.