Scooby Poo-Bars

Scooby Poo-Bars

Healthy Meal Replacement Bars for Students And Other Busy People

Most of you understand that for gaining muscle its very important to have frequent small well balanced meals but many of you are too busy to cook 6 meals a day. These protein bars are quick and easy to make and they taste great too! Lets get this out of the way right now – YES, these protein bars look gross – They look like Poooo! They’re Poo-Bars! These 100% natural homemade protein bars are not only way cheaper than any protein bars you can buy, they are WAY healthier too! These meal replacement bars are easy to make and convenient to eat between classes or on the job. They are true meal replacement bars and each is a well balanced meal having fruit, vegetables, protein, fiber, complex carbs and omega III fatty acids.

These are meal replacement bars, don’t overuse them! These Poo-Bars are infinitely better than fast food or something out of the vending machine but not nearly as good as one of my quick healthy meals. If you like this recipe please try my ScoobySnak Bars too! If you want more protein bar recipes, consider buying the excellent bodybuilding cookbook that I reviewed.


Scooby Poo-Bar Each Poo-Bar costs about 60 cents and contains:
230 Calories26g Protein (44%)
24g Carbs (38%)
4.5g Fiber
5.0g Fat (17%)
1.6g Omega III fatty acids


Ingredients for 15 bars:

Metric Imperial
100% natural protein powder 450g 16 ounces
Organic rolled oats 225g 8 ounces
Shredded carrots 225g 8 ounces
Nonfat milk 140g 5 ounces
Natural low sugar fruit jam 140g 5 ounces
Organic ground Flax 130g 4.5 ounces

Who wants Scooby-Poo?     I do! I do!

I’m not making this up, this recipe is as fun to make as it is to eat. No cooking, no cutting, and its not that critical that you measure things. In short, its something that even I can make! You don’t need any kitchen gadgets, just a big mixing bowl. You don’t even need a kitchen to make these, you can do it in your dorm room if you want!

OK, ready for the instructions? Its pretty complicated!

  1. Dump everything in a bowl and squish it together with your hands. Only put about half the milk in to start and only add milk enough to wet the ingredients, it should be like concrete, not batter. Do NOT use a spoon, you will break it.
  2. Roll dough in your hands to make 15 poo shaped bars. This dough doesn’t stick to your hands like the ScoobySnak bars do, no idea why.
  3. Roll them in ground flax
  4. Put in refrigerator, cool 30-120 minutes before eating.

Store them in a covered container in the refrigerator, they keep a week. You can also store them covered in your freezer, they keep for months there!

No more excuses for not eating healthy on the go, at work, or at school!!!