Alex Rodriguez, Steroids, and Sports

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  1. Top level sports figures make millions of dollars per year
  2. To become top level in sports requires super-human strength
  3. Steroids give you super-human strength
  4. Steroids are illegal
  5. The chance of getting caught is small, see #1

Why Steroids In Sports Is Here To Stay

What a shocker, yet another professional sports figure uses steroids.  The real problem is that society pretends that steroids in sports is such a horrible thing but in reality, most people could really care less.  In fact, many fans like steroids in professional sports and would lose interest in baseball and NFL football were it not for the steroids.  Who wants to see 180 pound men bounding off each other like wimpy ping-pong balls?  Who wants a baseball season where no home-run records are broken?  Until people start caring, nothing will change.

In my opinion, the reason to start caring can be found in our youth.  Despite the efforts of organizations like the Taylor Hooton Foundation, many teens today talk about “tren+clen” like it is creatine and think that they should be able to look like the Gym Shark Crew at age 19 after a just few years of lifting.  Young guys buy steroids with ease over the internet and often not even their girlfriends know about it.

We are sending mixed messages and when people see actions that don’t match words, they believe the actions.  On the one hand society seems to be saying that steroids are OK for professional athletes as long as they do a really good job of denying it, and on the other we are saying that they are bad, bad, bad for everyone else.   Our words need to match our actions.

As a side note, even when professional athletes get caught they often *still* continue to make lots of money, look at Lance Armstrong.  By some estimates he is still going to be making 10 million dollars per year for at least the next ten years.