Milk, Whey, and Protein Powders

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Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts spend more money on protein powder than any other class of supplement.  Protein powder is so mainstream now that you can pick it up at Walmart.  Despite its popularity, people just do not understand what it is nor what they can expect it to do for them so they collectively waste millions of dollars.

Pop quiz:

  1. What’s the difference between powdered nonfat milk and whey protein powder?
  2. What are the two basic ways that concentrated/isolated whey is made?
  3. Why are the disadvantages and advantages of each method of whey concentrating?
  4. Can you build muscles just as effectively without protein powder or is it required?
  5. How can you tell how good a protein powder is by looking at the nutritional label?

If you cannot answer all five questions correctly then you are wasting a lot of money.  Please read my article on The Truth About Whey in 5 minutes you will know more than all your workout buddies and save big bucks on protein powders. Also please read, best protein powders!

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