Get Boot Camp Ready Series Complete

I have just uploaded the last video in this four part series. This is a great program to very rapidly improve your health, stamina, and strength. Below is the last video in the series. If you want to read about the program, I have two versions depending on your age:

Just a reminder that these are intense programs and you really need to consult your doctor to see if it is ok for you to do them.  The extended version of this program spreads out the whole program over 8 months instead of eight weeks and it also reduces the runs from three a week to two a week.  Both these changes are designed to lower the risk of overuse injuries in those people who are susceptible to them.  Also running is not for clinically obese people.  If you are over 250 pounds you should not run but rather substitute low impact cardio (The “B” workout) for the running.  Running while heavy is a guaranteed way to get overuse injuries.