Sort foods by amino acid content!

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I am working to build a suite of very sophisticated software tools for nutritional planning in sports, health, and fitness minded athletes. The first tools will be to help athletes get the optimal combination of amino acids for muscle building, optimal recovery, and sports performance. The ultimate goal of this software will be to allow the user to pick a primary source of protein (plant or animal) and have the software choose the optimal complementary food to give the best amino acid profile. For a very trite example, if you select “black beans”, the software might suggest “rice”. I already have a database of thousands of foods for the software to select from.

The first tool which is a proof of concept is my Amino Acid Finder which lets you sort plant foods by the content of any specified amino acid. This is too low-level of a tool to be really that useful to bodybuilders but it is actually useful to vegans because they often have trouble getting enough lysine, methionine and tryptophan. With this tool, just select those amino acids and then see what plant foods have them in the highest concentration!

Edit:April 14, 2013
The next stage is done, check out the protein quality visualizer – its COOL!