Women’s beginning home workout

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New Video: Women's beginning home workout

This is a great 30 minute beginning workout for women that can be done at home. It combines cardio and resistance training into one non-stop great workout that will help you lose fat and get stronger. The only thing required is a cheap resistance band set available for $10 at big box stores.
Make sure to crank your favorite tunes during this workout, it helps to make it fun! Here is the 30 minute whole body home workout:

  • 10 minutes burpees (for cardio)
  • 5 minutes pushups (for chest, triceps and shoulders)
  • 5 minutes alternating rows and squats (for legs, butt, and lats)
  • 5 minutes alternating curls and side raises (for shoulders and biceps)
  • 5 minutes front planks (for abs/core)

Here is how to work this workout into your weekly schedule:

  • – Monday: 30 minute resistance band workout
  • – Tuesday: 30 minutes brisk walking
  • – Wednesday: 30 minute resistance band workout
  • – Thursday: 30 minutes brisk walking
  • – Friday: 30 minute resistance band workout
  • – Saturday — rest day
  • – Sunday — rest day

Its *very* important for losing weight that you do your cardio every day! You can take the weekend off as the schedule shows if you need to but its best if you at least do a quick 20 minute walk around the block on both Saturday and Sunday. The reason is the afterburner effect!

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