Fat Wars

Obesity and its related diseases is the number one health problem in the western world.  You dont have to be fat, with a common sense approach to weight loss you can lose those pounds, its not that difficult,  and its totally free!  One big component of losing fat is the “afterburner effect”.  Some would have you believe that you have to buy some expensive book to learn how to activate your fat afterburners but its really very easy to do and it doesnt cost a cent!

The “afterburner effect” is really nothing new.  Harris and Benedict knew about it back in the early 1900’s when they did their groundbreaking metabolic research and came up with the Harris-Benedict equations we still use today to calculate the total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) for individuals.  I use their equations in my calorie calculator and so do the majority of the other calorie calculators out there.  Of course, they didnt call it the “Afterburner Effect” because back then the first flight by the Wright brothers had only taken place 11 years before and jet engines with their afterburners wouldnt be invented for another 25 years.  Want to know why the American Heart Association pushes for daily cardio so hard?  One of the reasons is the “Afterburner Effect”!  If you do something as simple as going for a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day, it causes your metabolism to go into overdrive – not just while you are walking but for the next 24 hours.  With your metabolism revved up, you burn off way more calories than would be expected from the exercise activity itself.  The afterburner effect is that simple!  Who would pay to buy this secret?   Please dont fall for any slick videos or advertisements that want you to buy some program that will tell you the “secret” to activating your fat afterburners – I just gave it to you for FREE!