New Hall Of Shame Winners!

I like to highlight ridiculous “fitness” products and their outlandish claims.  I choose only the cream of the crop for my Hall of Shame.  How can these people sleep at night?  Honestly, I want to know.

Of course the Free-Flexor has been included this time around.  By now, the entire world has gotten a good laugh at this silly thing.  Wasting the planets resources to make junk like this isnt all that funny actually.

The RackA jem of a find was brought to my attention on a thread in the AskScooby Forum, its called “The Rack” and to the untrained eye, it looks like a walker.  You know, the kind people use when a cane does not provide enough stability.  The video illustrating how to use this thing is priceless!!!

Check these “fine” products out, and many others, on my Hall of Shame!