Muscle Gain Calculator

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Want to know how much muscle you can expect to gain in a year? Answer five simple questions and this Muscle Gain Calculator will tell you how much you can expect!

This calculator takes your age, experience level, genetics, training and nutrition into account in coming up with how much you can expect to gain. Its really important for you to have realistic expectations to keep yourself from getting disappointed. Advertisers and the media have done a real dis-service in creating very unrealistic expectations in peoples minds. No, you cant look like Arnold after a year of lifting weights! Because of these ridiculous, un-obtainable expectations, a lot of people starting in bodybuilding end up quitting because they dont think they are making any progress when in fact they are making great progress.
Anyway, please check out the calculator and see how much muscle you can expect to gain! If you find any issues with the calculator, please post them as comments here!