Dumbbell Pullover For Lats

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Pull-ups alone make a fantastic lat workout and give you a wide back. When you are an advanced bodybuilder searching for more exercises for your lats, the pullover is a great one! I dont know why but their is a lot of misinformation about this exercise out there. Many websites mistakenly list it as a chest exercise. Perhaps they do this because there is “common wisdom” that the pullover “expands your ribcage” to make your chest bigger – no. You cant stretch your way to a big chest anymore than you can become taller by hanging upside in gravity inversion boots all day long. This is an exercise predominately for your lats but it does work rear delts, tris, and a bit of pecs too.

dumbbell pullover starting position Starting position, arms straight but not locked. Hands around dumbbell handle with palms on the inside surface of the dumbbell. Shoulders are down and back like you are pinching a tennis ball between your shoulder blades. Feet wide apart for balance. Torso and upper legs co-linear and held rigid with flexed abs.
dumbbell pullover down position Slowly lower the dumbbell with a 2 second count till the elbows are in the plane of your body, do not go further back. Now slowly lift back up to starting position with a 2 second count again.

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