Does Phil Heath Use Steroids?

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The results for the 2011 Mr Olympia are just in, its Phil Heath! All around the world, teens watched eagerly hoping they could someday be as incredibly massive as he is, but is it possible? Can you get as big as Mr Olympia Phil Heath without steroids? Well, here are Phil Heath’s stats according to wikipedia:

31 years old
175cm height
111qkg stage weight
3% bodyfat (4mm skinfold thickness at each test location – my estimate)
If you plug his data into this body composition calculator you will find that his Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI) is a whopping 35 – the largest FFMI possible without steroids is 26 according to the research reported in Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine 5(1995):223-28. Steeve Reeves who was a champion bodybuilder back before steroids were available had a FFMI of 25.7 and that is acknowledged as the maximum FFMI for natural bodybuilders.
So if you are a teen looking to bulk up, please set your expectations properly. If you workout hard, have flawless nutrition, and have the gift of perfect genetics then you can look like Steeve Reeves naturally – but it will take years, count on 5-10 years. Very few people have flawless genetics like Steeve Reeves did so dont even count on half his results.
Phil Heath FFMI=35
Steve Reeves – FFMI=25.7