Achieved my 6% bodyfat goal with carb cycling

6% bodyfat – I achieved my goal by using carb cycling! Carb cycling worked for me where nothing else did and I lost fat without losing any muscle mass. How do I know that I lost fat and not muscle? Because I measured my body composition carefully! The most important measurement was the skinfold thickness over my lower abs. When I started my carb cycling I had 14mm over this area, right now I have 7mm. My goal was to cut that bodyfat in half which I achieved.

If I wanted, I could continue to lose bodyfat but leaner is not always better in my opinion. Too lean (under 5%) has potential health problems and personally I think it looks gross :) I can tell I’m on the cusp of being too lean, I think if I dropped another 1% it would look bad. One of the most common questions I get about carb cycling is “how long do I carb cycle for?” The answer is, until your goal is achieved. Once you achieve your goal, go back to normal healthy nutrition but remember that with your lower weight and metabolic rate, your meals will be smaller than before. Make sure to use the calculator to calculate your new meal size or your weight will slowly go back up to what it was before. As I have mentioned before, carb cycling isnt for everyone, its for serious bodybuilders who already two pack or four pack abs and want to get contest ripped without losing muscle. Given you are starting from 9-12% bodyfat, you should not need carb cycling for over 8 weeks.

So now I go back to my normal nutrition which is very high in carbs, especially vegetables, legumes/beans, and whole grains. The first thing I had after my photoshoot last night was a big bowl of beans!

If you are interested in learning more about losing weight and getting 6-pack abs, please check out my website!!! If you want to specifically learn about carb cycling and advanced fat loss, thats on my website too.