Tips for millions of youtube views and subscribers

Want hundreds of millions of youtube views? Want hundreds of thousands of youtube subscribers?

The internet is flooded with all kinds of tricks and “tips” how to game the system, but you know what? Google finds those loopholes and slams them shut immediately. The best way to get lots of attention is to provide a quality product! I’m SO old fashioned. The key to obtaining youtube fame is not to want it! OK, that sounds weird but its true. Dont chase viewers, thats putting the cart before the horse. Here is what you have to do to get millions of views and subscribers:

  • Have expertise worth sharing
  • Speak the truth.
  • Do videos because you love doing them
  • Be passionate about your subject matter, evangelical almost
  • Be humble
  • Have a sense of humor, be able to laugh at yourself
  • Dont BS people.
  • Help people like they were your brother, they are
  • treat everyone with respect
  • Be patient with people, count to ten if you have to
  • Dont change who you are, be yourself.
  • Dont try to sell people stuff.
  • Park your ego outside.
  • Dont show off
  • Be original with your material, dont be a “me too”
  • Be sincere in wanting to help people.
  • Strive to gain peoples trust and never abuse it.
  • If you are in it to make money, you will fail.

In short, provide great content that helps people and they will find you! People are much smarter than you give them credit for, they see right thru those videos that are just thinly veiled advertisements attempting to sell something.

Check out my stats for my youtube channel, I know what I’m talking about :) I have about 100M video views and 150K subscribers.

Thanks to youtube user MLBYERZ who ask this excellent question on my current video Best Time to Do Cardio!!!