Dear Trolls

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YouTube Commenter:

Scooby I swear to god everytime I you upload a video that your suffering with aids? You look thin and ill

What bothers me about this YouTube comment is not the fact that he says I look “thin and ill” and asks if I have #AIDS as I could care less what he thinks. What bothers me is the fact that its clear he has zero self-esteem. He is wasting his time trying to bring others down rather than spending that time on improving himself. THAT bugs me. People like this have not learned that fitness and health is not a checkbox on a todo list, its a lifestyle. They have also not yet learned that it is self-destructive to compare yourself to others. Name any skill and there is always someone better than you so to protect your sanity, just work on improving YOURSELF. Its you today trying to improve over what you could accomplish yesterday. Here is my reply:

“The sad truth is that even though at age 60 I am 3x your age, by every measure of fitness and health I surpass you -strength, cardiovascular fitness, resting heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglycerides, right down the line. The reason is too hard for you to face, its because you sit on your lazy skinny-fat ass all day long wasting time making stupid comments on the videos of anyone who is in better shape than you are. ProTip: Stop wasting your time trolling and use that time to jog, lift, and prepare clean and healthy nutrition.”

Suggestions for Trolls

Yes trolling is fun but so is crystal meth and both are as helpful int creating a life worth living. You need to break the habit and start spending your time on achieving your goals and pursuing their passions be they technical, in the arts, or whatever. After you work nine to five (or take classes and do homework), you have precious little time left over. Use that time to make baby steps toward your ultimate goal.

If you normally spend 2 hours trolling, start by cutting that in half. Spend 1 hour reading “7 habits of highly effective people” or reading my page on “time management for bodybuilders” and afterward treat yourself to 1 hour of trolling. Feel to troll on my videos and say all the mean things you want. My skin is thick and it doesnt bother me at all but please don’t pick on others. I am completely fine being the sacrificial anode.

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