Salad is killing you!

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Today across America, millions of people at fast food restaurants will choose a salad for lunch because they have been told its the healthy option and they want to “be good”. In fact, salad is what is making them obese and killing them. “Salad is good for you” is probably the most cruel bit of nutritional misinformation every published.

Yes, vegetables are good for you. The problem is that although a salad *looks* like its almost all vegetables, the stomach does not see it like your eyes do. You see a HUGE pile of lettuce and a tiny bit of cheese, salad dressing, and croutons. What your stomach sees is a 400 calorie salad of which less than 10 of those calories is coming from the vegetables. The function of an American salad is to serve as a “goop delivery vehicle” so that people can enjoy their dressings and cheeses. Most salads are literally the worst junk food imaginable. At this point, many people are going to jump up and down and claim that THEIR salad is health because they “don’t use much” dressing or cheese. The problem is that dressing and cheese are nearly 1000x more calorie dense than iceberg lettuce.

Speaking of iceberg lettuce which most Americans favor, it is as close to nutrition-less as you can get. Iceberg lettuce was cross bred to remove all the bitter flavors but that just happens to be where the anti-oxidants and vitamins are. Remove those and you are left with crispy water. The nutritional recommendation to eat your greens refers to DARK greens. Things like spinach, kale, collard greens, watercress, and romaine but not iceberg lettuce.

Salad is killing you

What is a healthy lunch then?

Glad you asked! Its great that people are people are realizing that making vegetables the main course is important, the next step is in moving away from fake-healthy salad to something that really is good for muscle building, good for fat loss, and healthy too. Its really easy, just make one of the many free meal plans at CustomMealPlanner.Com. Many of these meal plans contain meals you can batch cook on the weekends and then take to work/school frozen and just pop into the microwave. Not only is it cheaper but its faster, better for fat loss, better for bodybuilders wanting to gain muscle, and a lot healthier too! You can make a full week meal plan at a single click by signing up for a free account at custommealplanner – the whole process of signing up and making the week meal plan can be done in under 30 seconds and it will even allow you to order groceries in a single click from Amazon Fresh. If you just want to try out the meal planner without signing up for an account, try one of these quick meal plans:

I cant lose weight!

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard an obese person say:

“even though I only eat salad, I can’t lose weight”

EPIC PILLOW SCREAM!  Our educational system has failed us.  Nutrition is not taught in schools.  Parents are obese and nutritionally ignorant as well so they cant teach their kids.  Our kids don’t have a chance.  These obese people truly convince themselves that there is something wrong with their metabolism because “all they eat is salad” but yet they cant lose fat.  Take a look at the nutritional label and the list of ingredients people!  Just drink the yummy salad dressing, its nutritionally equivalent to eating a salad. 

Examples from popular American restaurants


Salad in name only

Then we have the interesting concept in America of calling anything mixed with lots of goopy mayonnaise or miracle whip “salad”. News flash: Macaroni salad and potato salad are junk food.