Death – every day is a gift

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Interesting question about death, a subject that used to make me very uncomfortable. I think our elderly neighbor Helen who we took care of till her death helped me greatly in this regard. He cavalier attitude toward death used to shock and concern me but now I get it. Every day is a gift and she would say “you never know, I might get run over by a bus tomorrow”.  

I plan on living until I am well over 100 but you never know, shit happens. I have lived a great life with no regrets so every day from here on is more gravy on the cheat meal. 

BTW:I am not promoting the YOLO (You Only Live Once) lifestyle that Zyzz made famous, not at all. Live big and die fast is not a career path I would recommend. Life is a balance. You have to work hard and save but you also need to know when its time to coast. Today, it seems most people make the mistake of forgetting the “work hard and save” part and go immediately into “coasting” right after college or high school. Others make the mistake of letting their jobs define them and consume them until they die of heart attacks. Between the two extremes is where you need to aim for. 

A YouTube follower asked if my husband would do a farewell video for me if I died. The reason he was asking is that the wife of a popular YouTuber died made a farewell video for her diseased husband. 

 I have actually thought about this, especially with the first flight of my experimental aircraft  late 2019 or early in 2020. I would want to do my own farewell video. My thought was to upload a farewell video and set an auto-publish date for the day after my first flight and then delete it upon sucessful completion of the test flight. If I were to die, my husband would have more important things to do than deal with a video … like arrange DJs for my wake – Green Velvet, Paul Van Dyk, :)