Don’t lift with your back?


“Don’t lift with your back!” Try telling that to the deadlift record holders! We get so used to repeating trite phrases that we dont stop to think if they are actually true or not. “Lift with your legs, not your back” is not good advice because to do that requires a knee-squat where the knees scissor way forward which is a recipe for knee injury. There is a reason that when people lift a heavy object off the ground, they use the form of a deadlift, because its the most ergonomic way. Can everyone deadlift safely? Certainly NOT! Most people have cream-puff spinal extensors and non-existant hamstrings and if they try to deadlift, a 9-1-1 call will result. People who are weak in these muscles should use hoists or forklifts to lift because they are simply not capable of lifting anything off the floor heavier than a cleanex box. Building up the strength of the spinal extensors require a very slow and cautious progress and one that involves your doctor or physical therapist if you have back issues. A great place to start is “supermans“.