Bodybuilder Food For A Day

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This “Bodybuilder Food For A Day” is going to be different in three important ways:

  1. Not only will I show you how I nutritionally design my meals but I will show YOU how to easily do it too.  A “food for a day” video is of little use unless there is a way to apply it to YOUR life and that is my goal, to help YOU nail your nutrition.
  2. Each meal will be live streamed raw and uncut.  When bodybuilders edit a “food for a day” type video down to a 5 minute clip, a lot of important details get left out.  I will live stream the design and cooking of each meal so each of the live streams will be about 20 minutes depending on the meal.
  3. After I have live streamed all the meals, I will assemble them into a 6-8 minute video for those who want the condensed version.

How To Plan Your Nutrition

Good nutrition does not just happen. For most of us, nutritional success is determined on the weekend. If you grocery shop and do batch cooking, the next week becomes really easy nutritionally. Start the week with an empty fridge and a fitness disaster is the most likely outcome. The weekend is a great time to plan your meals for the week, go shopping, and do some batch cooking. If you dont know how to plan meals, here is how to do it in the minute it takes you to walk from your car into the grocery store!

View Scoobys Meal Plan for Monday September 25

Live Broadcasts

Meal 1

yogurt and blueberries

Meal 2

bodybuilder scramble

Meal 3

Faux meat loaf

Meal 4

sprouty egg scramble

Meal 5

Black beans and salsa

Meal 6

yogurt and flax with Laphroaig before bed

I need to lower my bodyfat by 2% for Halloween.  We have amazing costumes and I want to do them justice by making sure my bodyfat is spot on.  I am aiming for 7% bodyfat because in my opinion that is where I look my best.  Lower than that does not look good on me as I found out when I did my men’s physique competition.  To lower my bodyfat by 2% I am going to eat at a 25% caloric deficit until I get to my target bodyfat level then hold it there till Halloween.  Much better to arrive at the desired bodyfat early and maintain than it is to have to do a drastic cut in the last few weeks. During the next month, I will be doing 6 hours of strenuous cardio a week so I will have plenty of calories to work with.  This will be a relatively easy cut and I plan on using low carb nutrition because I find that works best for me during cuts.