How To Grocery Shop – Bodybuilding

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There are thousands of videos and web pages about how to shop and what to buy if you are an athlete or bodybuilder. The problem they all have is that they are general advice, not specific advice. They videos and web pages tend to just be laundry lists of clean foods. Although this is useful as an educational exercise for nutritional newbies, it still is of no help in an actual shopping trip. What you need is to buy all the things you need to eat healthy, high protein meals all week. Just because Jay Cutler who weighs 280 pounds buys 30 pounds of ground beef doesnt mean that you need to. Its great that you know that cauliflower is much lower in calories than sweet potatoes but how much should you buy? How do you use the cauliflower and what else do you need to cook it up so it tastes good?

The reason this page is different is that with the aide of a tool that I spent over 2000 engineering hours building, you can build a shopping list for YOU and YOUR meals in under 2 minutes and that includes the time to set up an account! Oh, and as always, the meal plans that are the best for health and muscle building do not cost anything as I feel fitness and health is something that should be available to all regardless of economic means. This software uses a top-down approach. First you answer questions like height and weight which are used to establish how many calories you need, then you build your meal plans for the week, then you make a shopping list which has all ingredients necessary for the weekly meals. Again, you do this ALL in under two minutes!!!!

To get started, please read: How To Shop!