$10,000 meal plan challenge

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A lot of IFBB pros charge for their ‘custom’ meal plans, for example, Jeff Seid charges $59.99 for his.  I have always said that my free meal plans are better and a million people agree with me.  I am willing to put my money where my mouth is!   I have a challenge for all these pros who charge all my friends these exorbitant and unfair prices for mediocre meal plans.  If any of them can prove that their expensive meal plans are better than my FREE ones at CustomMealPlanner.com, I will give $10,000 to their choice of the American Heart Association, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, or the  Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity.

When I designed this meal planner for my Men’s Physique contest prep last year, I knew that some would find it as helpful as I did but I had NO idea how valuable other people would find this too.  When I went to use it today, I discovered that it has made over a million meal plans since I opened it for public use a year ago.

Today is a great example of how I use it. So I vary very little in bodyfat thru the year but after 6 weeks of international travel, my bodyfat is a bit higher than I like and I am noticing some “jiggling” when I jog that I do not like at all. I want to drop back down to 7% which I can do in under a month. Anyway, this morning with all my travel finally over I decided it was time to get my nutrition back on track. Even though I can eye-estimate calories quite accurately after 30 years of bodybuilding, it STILL is so much easier to have a mealplan to help reset my portion size expectations based on my current cardio and caloric deficit.
Anyway, when I went to make my meal plan this morning I was shocked to see I had passed the 1 million number! Funny, I remember doing a 750k meal plans video but it seems like I just did that. Anyway, I was pleasantly shocked to see the 1 million number roll around.

The reason my custom meal planner is so popular is not because its free, its because it is the best.  Best for a number of reasons. First, because it sets your caloric target precisely right for *your* metabolism based on age, weight, height, and how much exercise you do.  Second, because it lets you choose from nine different types of nutrition from keto  to paleo or vegetarian.  Third because regardless of what nutrition type you choose, it makes HEALTHY meal plans.  Low carb is a great example.  Low carb has gotten a very bad reputation for being unhealthy because a lot of people were just using it as an excuse to eat crap, pardon my french.  Low carb meal plans as implemented in my meal planner ARE healthy and include lots of low carb vegetables and fiber.  Fourth, the reason my meal planner is so popular is because you get to choose the foods that YOU want to eat.  Buying a $59.95 meal plan that tells you to eat a bag of brussel sprouts every day is not very practical if brussel sprouts make you gag.  My meal planner lets you CHOOSE!!  Fifth, my meal planner is so popular because its so easy to use.  You don’t need yet another username/password and don’t need to give email addresses or other private information.  Once you enter your stats that determine your metabolic rate, it takes less than 30 seconds in the evening to make your meal plan for the next day!

So the challenge is out to you IFBB pros selling expensive meal plans, prove yours are better than mine and I will donate $10,000 to their choice of the American Heart Association, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, or the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity.

What constitutes proof of a better meal plan?  Published, peer-reviewed research which shows that:

  1. When bulking, the paid meal plan allows more muscle gain than free custommealplanner does.
  2. When cutting, the paid meal plan causes more muscle gain or less muscle loss than free custommealplanner does.
  3. The paid meal plan is healthier than the free custommealplanner meal plan.

Here is the meal plan I am using today!  

jeff seid meal plan