Winter 2016 Success Stories Winner

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As usual, I had a really hard time choosing one single winner for this quarters success stories contest, all of them were incredibly inspirational in their own way. Please take a look at all the contestants for the winter 2016 success stories contest!

Let me introduce the winners though, the first two men had incredible health transformations as well as amazing physique transformations!

Upper left in the photo is John From Wrexham who dropped from 255 pounds to 169 pounds!!!

Upper right in the photo is Trevor from Alberta who went from 208 pounds to 150 pounds

At the bottom of the photo is DJ XercZyzz from Taiwan who defied genetics and became the first person in his family to ever have sixpack abs!

Congratulations to all this quarters winners! As you start your summer cut, take those pictures so you can enter the spring quarter success stories contest which ends on June 30th

2016 winter fitness success stories winners