Pasta is healthy, right?

No wonder the world is obese! I rarely have pasta, as in, about once a year. Why? Because I know that it is a cheat meal when the rest of the world considers it a normal meal. Well, thats the reason I am lean and they are obese! Its not “slow metabolism”, its bad food choices.


I know I am going to get a lot of angry people by saying this but pasta is junk simple carbs. I dont care how “whole grain” you claim your pasta is, its still simple junk carbs. If you want quality carbs then eat legumes or vegetables, not the energy dense, nutrition less starchy wheat extruded like play-doh into round shapes and topped with a stick of butter and cheese.

I had the most amazing pasta with pesto last night in Sydney, probably the best I have ever had BUT I think it had at least half a stick of butter on it, perhaps more. I could feel it start sloshing around in my stomach immediately and then had butter-belches all evening BUT it was worth it, because it was an awesome cheat meal.

For those who still think that pasta is “good nutrition” I suggest you tally your macros for the day, are you getting enough protein? Are you getting enough vitamins from the vegetables? Multivitamins do not count! If you do not know what macros are, then I rest my case. If you dont tally your macros using a meal planner or calorie tracker but “know” you are eating well, again, I rest my case. If your physique is not what you want it to be, there is a 90% chance the problem is sitting on the plate in front of you.