Amazing Health Transformation!

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Congratulations to NWTDarren, this quarter’s fitness success stories contest winner!  His amazing health transformation comes at a time when many people are thinking about their new years resolutions, so it is perfect timing!  If you want to enter next quarters success stories contest, here is how!

before-85-pounds-overweight after-photo-marathon-runner
NWTDarren found himself in a condition similar to many Americans last year, 85 pounds overweight and out of shape but rather than throwing up his hands, he did something about it.

After 18 months not only has he lost 85 pounds and dropped his waist size from 40 to 32, but he has done a half marathon and lowered his resting heart rate to below 50 beats per minute which is a sign of an accomplished athlete!

You can read NWTDarren’s inspirational story here!  I thank him from the bottom of my heart for sharing his story because I know that already he has inspired others and with his success here, I hope that many others will follow in his footsteps as well.  If you are mid aged, overweight, and out of shape you CAN still get in the best shape of your life, even better shape than you were in high school.  The ‘secret’ is to stop looking for shortcuts because there are none.  Doing what NWTDarren did is incredibly hard work, not only in terms of working out, but even more work in terms of nutrition.  To succeed like he did requires lots of time on weekends planning meals and doing batch cooking for the week, and more than that, it required patience!  When you are 85 pounds overweight, there is no quick way to get back in shape, only the long, slow, sweaty slog.  Please see this article on how to achieve your fitness success in 2016!

NWTDarren will receive a rather worthless but prestigious, signed scoobysworkshop t-shirt! :)  No, you cannot buy these anywhere, sorry.  These are for success stories winners only.



I would also like to thank ALL of the winter 2015 success story contestants for entering because they ALL had amazing successes! Every one of you is a winner and I thank you for sharing your amazing stories that will inspire countless others.