Achieve your fitness resolution goals in 2016!

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So, its new years resolution time and I want to give you some down to earth, easy to follow advice when it comes to fitness resolutions. 3 simple things.

  1. The main reason people fail is because their goal was bad. Your goal needs to be specific, measurable, time limited, and realistic. If your goal is to “get toned” you are wasting your time because. A good goal is something like this: I want to lower my bodyfat to 10% and gain 10 pounds of muscle before the end of the year.
  2. The second reason that people fail is that they are too impatient. You cant undo decades of neglect in a few months and attempting it will lead to injury, disappointment, failure or all three. If you are 70 pounds overweight, its going to take a year to get it back down and trying stupid extreme diets will result in gaining fat, muscle loss, binging, eating disorders or all four!
  3. The third reason people fail is that they dont have a good support network.  Its easy to be excited about your new fitness program the first few weeks in January but keeping the motivation going for the months and years required for true success take a good support network.  Friends and family unfortunately are often not that supportive. Online forums are a good option for a lot of people so consider my forum sweat4health which is the most support forum on the internet.

So please keep these three things in mind when you are thinking of your new years resolution and you will achieve your fitness goals in 2016!  Lets get to work!!!

achieving new years fitness resolutions goals