Race with me in virtual half marathon on Dec 12!

On Saturday December the 12th we will be having a virtual half marathon at 1pm central time (click for start time in your time zone).  For those of us, like myself, who are not presently in condition to do this event, we are still encouraged to participate!  If you cant run 13 miles, make your own challenge.  You can do a 5k starting at 1pm.  You can walk the whole time, or you can do as I am going to do and bike the whole time.

It will be fun! Those of us on stationary equipment who can safely chat can do so.  Still working out the technology here. What I currently have planned is to have those who want to on a skype phone conference call so we can all chat and I will then broadcast that along with my video image on a live YouTube broadcast so you can make sure I am suffering enough :)

If you want to participate, head to sweat4health for details!


PS: For those of you wondering why Scooby, aka “mister cardio” himself is not in condition to run a half marathon at the moment its because I just had my umbilical hernia fixed 2 weeks ago and the doctor has told me not to even start running until Nov 28.  My cardiovascular conditioning is still peak because I still stationary bike an hour a day but I am going to be prudent and not risk destroying my expensive stitches :)


virtual half marathon!