The most popular ‘vegetable’ in America!

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Big pillow scream!  Report out from the USA Department of Agriculture reports that the white potato is the most popular ‘vegetable’.  I put vegetable in quotes because in my humble opinion, potatoes are classified as vegetables on a technicality and not because of nutritional value.  Its kind of like the Ronald Regan Era push for classifying ketchup as a vegetable.


The most popular vegetable in America! … Isn’t!

30% of the ‘vegetables’ consumed are potatoes … and most of those are in the form of french fries and potato chips.  Seriously, we wonder why health care costs are sky rocketing?

Speaking of Ronald Regan and ketchup as a vegetable, the better news is that 22% of the vegetables consumed are tomatoes. Tomatoes have a lot more anti-oxidants and vitimans and other good stuff in them than potatoes do so this is good news.  Of course the bad news is that almost all of these tomatoes are eaten in highly processed foods like ketchup and pizza sauce.