Why you should STOP taking vitamins!

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If you buy vitamins you are probably wasting your money! Not only that, you are fooling yourself into thinking that a pill from a factory can relive you of your need to eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.



SAVE MONEY, STOP BUYING VITAMINS!   I myself have not taken multivitamins since I was a kid because I believe that the best way to get vitimans is in their natural state, from vegetables and fruits.  Seems a study of nearly half a million people has proven me right:

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, an independent group of national experts that advises the government, recently analyzed studies that included data for about 450,000 people. It found no clear evidence that multivitamins prevented cancer or heart disease, helped people live longer, or made them healthier in any way.

Many people use vitamins as a dietary crutch and a license to eat garbage. Eating junk food out of the vending machine at work all day then coming home and having a scoop of protein powder and popping a vitamin pill is NOT healthy nor is it going to help you get strong, muscular, healthy, and lean. Even if the macros are the same, its NOT the equivalent to eating healthy, well balance meals of unprocessed foods like the ones that my custom meal planner suggests.

What about B Vitamins?

B vitamins are WAY overrated!  Unless you are a vegan, vegetarian, or over 50 there is little evidence that you need these vitamins or that they help.

Vitamin Poisoning

So we have all these vitamins pills with little evidence that the vitamins in this manufactured form helps us anyway, then we spray every food found in the supermarket with multivitamins.  Virtually every breakfast cereal, every pop tart, and countless other breakfast items in the grocery store is “fortified” with vitamins.  The problem is that when you add up the vitamins from all these sources, you can easily overdose on them.  Even when something is REALLY good for you, like water, too much of it can be dangerous – more isn’t always healthier!  Since the portion size is so unrealistically small on breakfast products to that they can claim fewer calories “per serving”, the average person ends up getting WAY more vitamin load than they should.  Iron along with vitamins A, D and B6 can cause serious problems when you take too much of them.

What do?

If you don’t eat right then START EATING RIGHT rather than taking a pill. A pill is NOT a substitute for eating right.  If you do decide to take a vitamin pill, make sure that it is either something your doctor has recommended, or something that has solid science behind it and not just some high powered marketing fluff.