Scooby is lucky, he has good genetics!

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Scooby is lucky, he has good genetics!

I get this a lot.  I do have reasonable genetics, not in the symmetry department but certainly in my ability to gain muscle, but that is only one of the many reasons that I am muscular.  There are hundreds of thousands of people with genetics as good as mine whose bodies dont look anything like mine.  Think about that one!

People often complain to me that the reason I have so much better a physique than them is because I am “lucky enough to have good genetics” … then in the same breath telling me that I am crazy to waste time worring about strict and clean nutrition, getting enough sleep, cardio, and my high volume workouts.   My inside voice laughs and sheds a tear at the same time.  The truth is obvious but painful so people choose not to believe it.  Its so much easier to throw up ones hands and say its just “bad luck” and there is nothing you can do about it.   You CAN do something about it!

When people hear that I exercise 10 to 15 hours every week, these self proclaimed experts tell me that I am exercising “too much” and I often wonder who they are trying to convince of this, me or themselves.  Gaining muscle and staying lean is not only a very slow process but it takes a LOT of effort, not just in the gym, not just on the track but in the kitchen as well.  If you think you can be healthy and have a great physique doing your 8 minutes of Tabata cardio and the latest $97 miracle 20 minute workout then I dont want to discourage you but please remember scoobysworkshop and come back here for the old fashioned good nutrition and sweat method when you are ready to give it a try.  There are no shortcuts to long term fitness, its a lifelong slog so find a way to enjoy it!

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