Depressed? Eat Clean!

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So we already know that exercise helps improve mood, even as little as 10 minutes walking a day has been shown to improve mood, now we have some indication that nutrition plays a role in depression also! Very interesting research:

A Diet Rich In Fruits And Veggies Could Help Ward Off Depression

Those who ate clean (fruits, vegetables, nuts, unprocessed foods) were less likely to be depressed than those who ate traditional processed food diets.

Research always presents more questions than it answers though. My first thought about this research was that yes, people who are focused on their health are going to exercise more too, be leaner, be stronger, and far less likely to be depressed. My guess is that its the whole package and not the diet alone.    Its the whole correlation/causation problem though.  I think their research may have just “discovered” one of two things:

  1. that people who exercise and have good nutrition are fit, strong and healthy and are less depressed than overweight, out of shape people.
  2. that people who are depressed are less likely to eat well and exercise.