Celebrating 1/2 Million Meal Plans Made!

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Great news!  Most people know that I am a retired software engineer and that fitness is my passion.  Because of my engineering background, fitness tools tend to be what has made this website so popular – my calorie calculator, my muscle gain calculator, my custom workout plan generator, and lately, my custom meal planner.

What I have always done is write the tools that I need and I want to use and found that usually, others are just as excited about them and in the case of CustomMealPlanner.Com this has proven to be true beyond my wildest expectations.

In this case, I wrote CustomMealPlanner, which is as far as I know, the only meal planner in existence targeted toward serious athletes and those serious about their health. I needed it because for my men’s physique competition I needed to drop my bodyfat way down and with current meal planning tools I could not do it.  I spent 4-6 weeks of 12 hour days writing the software but it paid off, it allowed me to nail my nutrition for the contest and drop down to 5.5% bodyfat.

Now as I say, I write tools that I want and need personally, and this tool was essential in being able to lower my bodyfat to 5.5% while eating healthy, unprocessed food and most importantly, without losing any muscle mass.   The great news is that others have found CustomMealPlanner just as useful as I have!  If I am going to spend 6 weeks of my life working on software, its great if I can leverage that and have it help other people in their quest for muscular, lean, healthy bodies as well!  Turns out, it exceeded my wildest expectations!  In less than 6 months, nearly half a million meal plans have been designed!!!  

To celebrate the half millionth meal plan I am going to give away a free signed scoobysworkshop t-shirt to the 500,000th meal plan.  Each time you make a meal plan, it tells you what number you are and we are getting close now!  Make sure to post the meal plan to Facebook using the link at the top which says “Link To Your Meal”.

Here are instructions on how to create your own meal plan!