Does Scooby workout at home?

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OMG, I thought Scooby works out at home.  Does he workout in a gym or at home? He posted a photo from a gym so does he workout at home or at a gym? He does home workout videos, is this cheating?

Chill pill time! :) A gym is not a room with magical properties that makes muscles grow, its a building with weights in it. As long as you have enough weight plates, there is no reason that a home gym is any less suited to building muscle mass and gaining strength than a commercial gym is.

Yes, I do enter gyms, in fact I have a membership at several. As I have said many times before, I often do my leg workouts at the gym because I am unable to squat which leaves me few options for quads at home. Also, I am retired, I travel a lot. When I travel I often use my DIY TRX suspension trainer and resistance bands as I did on my bike trip across Burma or on our recent riverboat cruise thru Europe,  but if a gym is handy, I just go there instead for the social aspect.   I also do boxing training in a pro gym.

Remember too, I have been filming home workouts for over a decade.  I have over 40TB (yes terabytes) of home workout videos and photos but virtually no photos in gyms.  I have videos of me doing every possible free weight exercise at home from every conceivable angle … but virtually no photos of me using machines.  When I go to gyms, I like taking photos of me using equipment because people at sweat4health often ask questions about particular machines and I like having a photo in my library to help answer them.

So yes, I DO workout in gyms and I am 100x more likely to take a photo there on the machines than when I am home working out doing what I have videoed 10x before.  Just because I post photos of me in a gym does not mean that I have stopped working out at home.  Alles klar? :)