Jeff Seid Personalized Meal Plan, $59.95

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Jeff Seid Personalized Meal Plan

Pros selling nutritional plans is nothing new.  In the old days, they just sent you one-size-fits-all mimeographed meal plans – Eugene Sandow did this, Charles Atlas did this, and in the 60’s the new crop of bodybuilders all did it too.  These days its a bit better but most of the online ones just have spreadsheets where some secretary making minimum wage enters your weight and it gives you some generic meal plan with portion sizes close to being right – if you are lucky the pro signs it before its mailed off.

Not to minimize the value of the pros nutritional info, not at all.  The nutrition the last two weeks before a contest is pure art and alchemy.  If you are competing and want to look top 1% up on stage you need their daily help on nutrition but that is much better done in person.  If you want this type of advice you are *much* better off to find a local gym where there are a lot of active competitors and hire one of them to help you with your contest prep.  Thing is though, if you are *not* competing or *not* in your final two weeks before a competition then you really don’t need their specialized expertise – its basic good nutrition that you need to lose bodyfat or gain muscle.  Something like my athlete/bodybuilder specific meal planner is just as good as a pro’s watchful eyes, and mine is free.  My custom meal planner is infinitely better than what their spreadsheets spit out because you get to specify your taste preferences (within healthy bounds).  Don’t spend money you don’t need to!

Am I the only one who finds this Jeff Seid product very funny?

Edit – 4/15/15 –  LOL!  Its gone up in price!  Its now $59.95