Plastic Surgery For The Perfect Selfie?

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Seriously? This just in, one in three plastic surgeons has seen an increase in patients wanting cosmetic surgery to improve their selfies. You gotta be kidding! What ever happened to working out and good nutrition?

Its not ‘just’ cosmetic surgery. Its NOT like getting your nails done, its cosmetic SURGERY. Any time you enter the operating room, for any reason, your chance of dying skyrocket. For all the advances that the medical science of anesthesia has made, lethal accidents still happen. Anesthesia is the art of almost killing you then bringing you back to life, its serious stuff, even if what the doctors are doing is just cosmetic. The anesthesiologist holds you on the hairy edge of life and death while the cosmetic surgeon does their work.

Please consider getting good selfies the safe and old fashioned way. Workout hard, eat clean, and learn how to take a good selfie!

Cosmetic surgery for good selfies

Rather than cosmetic surgery for that perfect selfie, consider exercise, good nutrition, and a little photographic skill