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If you have had success at improving your health, fitness, or physique and want to help others to do the same then my success stories contest is for you.  Nothing inspires people more than to see a before picture and story of someone who was just like them who has achieved exactly what they want to achieve and the realistic process they went thru to get there.  The internet is full of phony 12 week miracle stories but realistic stories are what is truly inspiring and thats where YOU come in.  By entering this contest, you can help inspire thousands of others to follow in your footsteps.  And remember, this isnt just a beauty pagent, its a fitness and health succes stories contest.  You can compete for cash prizes ($1,000 1st prize) or just help others by entering the honorable mention category.

If you just want to share your fitness success story to inspire others, its very loosey goosey, anything goes as long as your success was real. If you want to compete for cash prizes, read the official contest rules *very* carefully – there are no exceptions.

You can now submit your success stories contest entries for 2014, deadline is the 31st of December!!!

This is really important, read this page on how to take a good physique selfie at least a week before you take your ‘after’ pictures as it contains hints that can make your after photo even more impressive.

99% of your questions will be answered by the official contest rules so please look there first. Please remember that because money is involved this is a legal contest and my hands are tied, there are NO EXCEPTIONS to the rules – period. This is why I also have a “honorable mention” category you can enter if for some reason you do not meet the requirements laid out in the official rules. It gives you the same opportunity to share your story and inspire others but without the cash prizes.

Let me pre-answer the most common questions:

  1. “I dont have a progress diary to document my success over the last year, can I still enter?” Yes. Although the best way is to have a progress diary online at Sweat4health or elsewhere, there are all kinds of other ways you can document your story and make it credible. If you have periodically posted shirtless photos to Facebook or Instagram, that will help document your progress just as well. The whole idea is that you cant just show up in December and tell us that you gained 300 pounds of muscle since January.
  2. “I used Nano Vapor, Jack3d, and NOXmax, can I still enter?” Yes, but only for honorable mention not for cash prize. The list of acceptable supplements is listed in the official rules.
  3. “My before picture doesnt show my face, can I still enter?” Yes, but only for honorable mention not for cash prize.
  4. “I am entering in the “health improvement” category and my before and after pictures dont look any different, do I still need to submit them?” Yes, you must submit them. Do not worry, this is NOT a beauty pageant. The winner is NOT chosen simply by the most spectacular before and after photos. Someone who lowers their blood pressure from 160/90 to 120/80 with just good nutrition and exercise has just as much chance to win as someone who gains 15 pounds of muscle or loses 80 pound of fat.
  5. “My before picture is really small, can I still enter?” Yes, but only for honorable mention not for cash prize.
  6. “My before picture is blurry, can I still enter?” Yes, but only for honorable mention not for cash prize.
  7. “My before picture was taken last year, can I still enter?” Yes, but only for honorable mention not for cash prize.
  8. “My before picture was with a shirt on, can I still enter?” Yes, the before picture does not need to be shirtless. As long as its clearly obvious from the before and after pictures that you had the success you indicate. Of course, a shirtless before picture is always best.
  9. “Can I use a shirt in the after photo?” Yes, as long as it is form fitting and its clearly obvious from the before and after photos that you had the success you indicate. Many people who have lost a lot of weight still have skin folds that have not been re-absorbed yet, that takes time. A shirt that clearly shows the weight you lost is fine, it doesnt need to be tight but it should be baggy.

Here is the online contest entry form!

Fitness Success Stories Entry Form