August is one armed pushup prep month!

Starting with my next video, all vids until the end of August are going to be new, cool chest exercises that can get you ready for one armed pushups. At first, one armed pushups appear to be a hollywood circus act – something you do just to show off how strong you are. One armed pushups are a LOT more than that! Core strength is key for virtually every sport out there and its one of the most important factors in helping to prevent lower back pain too. It may not appear this way but one armed pushups are as much a feat of core strength as they are tricep and pec strength. Even if dont want to do a one armed pushup or dont think you could ever do one, these exercises are a great core strengthening workout and a way to spice up a tired old workout routine.

First video will be “nose draggers” and following that, “crash and burn” … then things get really fun!

If you want to get ready, make sure you can do 8 solid basic pushups using my increase your pushups progression or you wont get much out of this program.