Top YouTube Fitness Trainers, Best Of The Experts

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Ryan Seacrest’s contest on best YouTube fitness trainers was just a popularity contest and thats not all that useful. Who REALLY has the best fitness advice on YouTube? From amongst my peers, I have chosen three trainers who I think need special recognition. Mike Chang aka sixpackshortcuts, Jeff Seid, and Freelee the banana girl – who is the number one fitness “expert” on YouTube???

Mike Chang sixpackshortcuts Is it sixpackshortcuts with his revolutionary donut diet developed by Chinese scientists?
Jeff-Seid Is it Jeff Seid with his groundbreaking research on egg nutrition?
Freelee the banana girl Is it Freelee with her sensational all-you-can-eat rock and bark diet?
scooby1961 Is it Scooby with his “pillow press:?

Watch my video and find out who the top fitness “experts” are on YouTube!

If you have not figured this out by now, this video and this post is very sarcastic. I do NOT think the “top three” fitness trainers I have chosen in this video are good fitness trainers, in fact, two of them are the worst of the worst in my opinion – Mike Chang and Jeff Seid.

Mike Chang (sixpackshortcuts)

Mike Chang is a snake oil salesman just out to make his millions by telling people the lies they want to hear and its why he is number one in my fitness hall of shame.

Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid is included because of the damage he is doing to the fragile egos of millions of teens with his ‘natty aesthetic’ … and his advice is just plain stupid. If its any consolation to Jeff, his stupid advice isn’t nearly as bad as Mike Chang (sixpackshortcuts) maliciously deceptive advice.

Freelee the banana girl

Then there is Freelee who I included not because I find her fitness advice all that bad, in fact, some of it I like, but because she was so fun to imitate. Freelee’s heart is in the right place, unlike Jeff Seid and Mike Chang, she is passionate about fitness and really wants to help people. In many ways, Freelee and I are very similar in our passion for health and fitness – we just differ our approach to strength, health, and fitness. I do find Freelee’s fruititarian thing a bit alarming and personally do not think it represents a healthy diet despite how it seems to have helped her. But again, unlike Mike and Jeff, her heart is truly in the right place – she wants to help others as her dietary changes helped her. I personally feel that vegan or vegetarian represents far healthier alternatives to fruititarianism and they are much more compatible with strength training and bodybuilding as well. Again, the only reason I included Freelee was that I found her so fun to imitate, sorry Freelee, I made fun of myself in this video too so don’t feel bad :)


I included myself in this video because I thought it would be very funny to make fun of myself, call me weird, but it was very fun to imitate myself :)  Time for a self-appraisal of my fitness website and videos, we do self-appraisals in the engineering profession all the time.  TIme to switch to the 3rd person here.

Scooby’s channel is unique for many reasons.  His fitness channel was one of the first on YouTube back in 2005 and its is one of the very few channels on YouTube that doesn’t attempt to sell an expensive eBook, promote products, or constantly plug a sponsor.   Scooby retired many years ago and now follows his many passions, one of which is fitness and sports.  Bodybuilding transformed Scooby’s life many years ago and his channel is not about money, its about trying to help others find the same joy of fitness that helped him so much.  If Scooby gives bad advice, its not because he is trying to deceive someone into spending their money but simply an honest mistake.  Because he is an engineer by training and not a fitness professional, he looks at everything in a logical fashion and is not snowed by the latest voodoo.   His channel is also unique because it has always been about making bodybuilding, fitness, and health available to all for free which is why he has focused on home workouts and not gym workouts.  His channel is also one of the few that isnt just about aesthetics and cosmetic improvements, Scooby emphasizes true health, cardiovascular fitness and the importance of eating well.  Scooby also clearly practices what he preaches.  He has always put an emphasis on his own cardio and in doing triathlons and long distance bike races.  Scooby doesnt have an “off season”, you will never see a video of him where he is fat, he maintains his fitness level 365 days a year, decade after decade.  The last way in that Scooby’s channel is unique is that he is old enough to be the grandfather of almost every other fitness trainer on YouTube.  No, Scooby is not as aesthetic as Jeff Seid, Alon Gabbay, Matt Ogus, or Chris Lavado, but he has literally been working out since 15 years before they were born.


Why so negative?

Some of you will ask why I am “so mean” and ask why I don’t just “mind my own business”, make my own videos, and leave people like Vince Del Monte, Sixpackshortcuts, and Jeff Seid alone.  Let me explain something to you, I started this website nearly a decade ago and one of my very first pages was my Fitness Hall of Shame, why?  Because I was sick and disgusted of how commercialized and deceptive all the fitness industry had become.  There was no good free information available before I started my website except for one Christian website called something like “Adam Fitness” or something like that.  Anyway, very early on I decided that one of my focuses was to going to be to expose the fitness scams.  Since the government didn’t seem to have the ability to do anything about it from a legal standpoint, I thought I would do my best to try and encourage these scam artists to scale back their ludicrous claims a bit thru shame in my Fitness Hall of Shame and by making fun of them in my video mock infomercials.  I have been one of the few people who has attempted to keep these shameful advertising practices in check.  Fitness and health should be free to all and its not all that complicated but it does require work.  My website shows you how to do it all for free.  I have zero tolerance for people who make millions by selling fake “shortcuts” be they pills, supplements, rare herbs from the Amazon, or “secrets training plans”.  There are no shortcuts to health and fitness but people make millions by promising them.  If you still don’t like this video and don’t like me “making fun” of sixpackshortcuts and Jeff Seid, then please unsubscribe because I am not going to change.  On the subject of Jeff Seid, I poke fun at him here for an entirely different reason.  Yes, there are people like the Gymshark folks who are trying to cash in on the aesthetic revival that Zyzz started but thats really not the reason Jeff appears in this video.  My beef with Jeff can be found here: teen boys join girls insecurity club.  By the way, my Zoolander/Jeff Seid character is hereby retired.  Its been a lot of fun but I don’t think I can ever top my “egg performance” in this video.  Since some of you don’t seem to realize that being a public watchdog for the fitness industry has been one of my main focuses over the last decade, let me point you to a number of my videos where I have attempted to use humor to educate people about how crazy some of these scam products are: