WOD – Pull workout without a pullup bar

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If you are doing a split workout plan, here is an interesting pull workout and it doesnt require a pullup bar! Its as simple as it is brutal. Its a very high volume workout and we dont go to failure on this due to the very short rest periods. You need a suspension trainer to do this, make your own SRX suspension trainer for $6.

Pull workouts usually have a pullup bar as their foundation but in this case something weird was going on with my left lat. Rather than risk making whatever it was worse, I decided to do a lat workout sans pullup bar.

SWOD Pull workout without a pullup bar

If you are traveling, this workout is an interesting option because many times hotel gyms dont have a pullup bar or heavy weights. Just tie your SRX system to something strong and use the light dumbbells for curls, because you are pre-exhausting your biceps and using such high volume, the light dumbbells found in hotel gyms will be plenty.