Scooby vs – David vs. Goliath

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All I want is for people to have safe supplements available, is that too much to ask?

Why is the supplement industry lead by fighting me on this?  Why will the supplement industry not even do minimal testing on the products they sell?   I feel like David against Goliath here.  If the industry self regulated, it would be cheaper for everyone and probably allow more products to come to market faster.  By burying their heads in the sand on these supplement safety issues, the supplement industry will force the FDA to start regulating and then nobody wins.  Come on folks. has chosen censorship as their tool to handle this issue.  Anyone who posts a link to my supplement safety video on their forums gets banned and the post gets deleted.  I know that the forums at are just a sales tool to generate more supplement revenue but is deleting links to ideas for making supplements safe a good idea?  Doesnt make the problem go away, doesnt make their $7,000,000 fine go away either.