Do any gym owners care?

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horrible gym music

I dont go to the gym often, usually just when Im injured and need specialty machines. When I do go, I am always struck by the fact that owners/managers clearly do not care what their members think.

Consider the following – gym music. I show up today and the music is BLARING. So loud that I cant turn my music loud enough to drown their horrible music out. I turn my iPhone volume on MAX to lessen the demotivating effect of their sonic spam but I still hear it loud and clear. Not only that, my ears hurt from the high decibel racket but I just cant deal with their music which is about as energizing as a lullaby.

Then I look around and see everyone feels the same way I do! What ESP powers do I have that I can tell this so easily when it has escaped the gym owner? 75% of the members have in ear buds! Its not rocket science here, 3/4 of the members either hate the gym music or would just rather just listen to their own- so let us listen in peace!!!

Attention gym managers: If more than half your members have in ear buds, PLEASE consider turning the music down … or off!

Ya know, back in the 70’s before the first cassette tape walkman came out, there was no way to have a portable music player. It made a lot of sense back then for gyms to play music as usually some music is better than none. The thing is that now virtually everyone in America has a phone that stores their entire music collection. Gyms have not adapted to the new technology – we dont need, or want, your gym music blaring at us!!!

The other problem is the way music is chosen. Some gyms are chains and music is chosen from headquarters, thousands of miles away. These corporations often choose musak-music that no-one likes but annoys everyone equally – fair is fare :) The other variety is the locally operated gym where the owner or staff put on the music that THEY want to listen to. Either case, same result – music that about 5% of the members like and 95% of the members hate. I have never been to a gym where members were allowed to vote for the type of music nor have I been to a gym that published a schedule of what type of music was played at various times during the day.

Let us choose music or turn it down/off, PLEASE!

Do any gym owners care?