some people will do anything to get out of arms workouts

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I hate doimg arms workouts, always have. I only do them once or twice a month. Today I found a great way to avoid todays arms workout, a puncture wound. I was moving some stuff so I could work on the plane when I got a big spike of wood lodged in the hand. Just went to the ER and the Doctor got as much as she could out but because it is so deep and lodged in so tightly, I will probably have to go to the hand surgeon on Monday.

getting out of arms workout

getting out of arms workout

getting out of arms workout

That was my Saturday, how was yours?

EDIT:Sunday update

Not looking good, its clear from the redness pattern that there is another inch of wood in there and the hand is now really swollen. Looks like my priorities for next week have been re-arranged.



I REALLY hate medication but consented to some serious antibiotics at the ER today as the swelling had gotten even worse than the above pictures by the afternoon and the pain was getting quite bad. It was quite clear that my home remedies of cardio plus warm water soaks had failed in killing the infection. I REALLY hate antibiotics, they screw your whole digestive system up for months because they indiscriminately kill everything, friend or foe. Truly a last resort.