Lose fat, save time, eliminate car door dings and scratches

Here is a great tip to lose fat, save time, and eliminate dings and scratches on your car!   Many people are guilty of this as much of the developed world is suburban and car-centric. Even fit people will waste time looking for a parking spot close to the entrance of the store/gym they are visiting. How would you like to:

  1. eliminate door dings and car scratches
  2. save time
  3. lose bodyfat

Its easy!

Use the parking spot furthest from the store entrance in the parking lot!

Why is this a great idea?  Let me tell you!

  1. Keep your car scratch free. People in general are not only in a hurry but lazy as well so the spots furthest from the store entrance are almost never taken.  When you park there, nobody is anywhere near your car so you dont get dings in your doors from someone parking too close and banging into your door with theirs when they get out.  You also avoid those long scratches along the side of your car where an overweight person carelessly parks too close then has to slide their bulk along your car with the rivet on their denim jeans making a long scratch in your beautiful car paint.  Park away from other cars and your car’s paint will remain beautiful!
  2. Save time! Believe it or not, parking as far as possible from the front door saves you time too – especially if you enter the parking lot from the driveway furthest from the front door.  Most people enter the parking lot as close as possible to the entrance so they can find a spot close to the door.  Because of this, there is incredible traffic congestion in the area around the front of the store.  People walking in and out that the cars have to stop for.  Cars pulling in and out of spots.  Trying to even drive by the front of the store to look for a spot can take a frustratingly long time.  By entering at the back of the parking lot and taking a spot far from the entrance, you zip right in and park.  With this technique, I can be inside the store before those “in a hurry” have even found a parking spot.
  3. Lose bodyfat! Every little bit of exercise helps.  For an athlete, its not going to help much at all BUT for a parent who has not been able to make exercise a priority, the few minutes of parking lot walking can make the difference between staying lean and gaining 10lbs of fat per year.  Many parents spend a *lot* of time doing errands and dropping off and picking up kids so over the course of a day they can get their 20 minutes of walking in.  Granted its not optimal because its not all at the same time and it doesnt elevate the heart rate all that much but …

some exercise is better than no exercise!




Lose fat, save time, and eliminate car door dings