YouTube removes sixpackshortcuts video for spam, scam, and commercially deceptive content.

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When are millions of people going to wise up to the fact that there are no shortcuts to losing fat, getting ripped 6-pack abs, and gaining muscle? Sixpackshortcuts has been #1 on my Fitness Hall of Shame for several years now for his deceptive marketing practices. Back in 2011, YouTube suspended sixpackshortcuts account and now YouTube has removed another of his videos for “violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content”. His last video titled “How to Get Lean for the Summer” has been removed by YouTube as seen below:

sixpackshortcuts video removed by youtube removed as a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.


I honestly can’t believe that sixpackshortcuts deceptive marketing campaign of the last year has been allowed by YouTube and Google:

"Shocking" Shortcut to Sixpack abs discovered by Chinese "scientists" - photoshop!


We can overlook the photoshopped airbrushed abs but when you are selling a $97 eBook based upon an ad that promises a shocking shortcut based upon a revolutionary discovery by Chinese scientists, that’t just deceptive advertising in my view.

Losing weight is straightforward and its no mystery, you need to eat less and exercise more – here is how to lose weight and get sixpack abs.  One of his many “shocking discoveries” is interval training.  As I discuss in my recent article  “Interval training, fastest way to sixpack abs?”, although interval training is great for athletes, its not good for weight loss because of the high injury potential with overweight people.

Just as he claimed back when his account was suspended for decpetive advertising the last time, I’m sure he will claim that it was all because of a “mistake by YouTube”.  Its really odd how so many ‘YouTube mistakes’ happen to him.  I have been doing videos on YouTube twice as long as he has and I have never been ‘accidentally’ suspended nor have I ever had any video taken down for “spam, scam, and commercially deceptive content”.  Its happened to him three times in the last year.  Is it the fact that people are against him as he claims?  Poor Mike? Do a quick search on to compare the “hate mail” I get there as compared to sixpackshortcuts and you will find that I get FAR more.  If it were simply enemies that were causing sixpackshortcuts videos to be removed and channel to be suspended then I should have had it happen far more often than he but this is not the case.  So why IS his channel having so many problems on YouTube?  Well all good engineers know that the simplest explanation is the right one 99% of the time.  Whats the simplest explanation?  He is producing deceptive content which is in violation of YouTube rules!   I’m sure that because of sixpackshortcuts incredible adversing budget with Google/YouTube that he will be able to get this video reinstated, its just a matter of time.  Buyer beware!

Sixpackshortcuts gets a lot of mileage out of his “before and after” success story. In the below video I had a little fun at his expense:

Whose “before and after’ photos are more ridiculous, his or mine? Tough call!

I’m not the only one who seems to think that sixpackshortcuts “before and after” is ridiculous, check out this video with 8 million views from YouTube user Furiouspete123 which shows how easy it is to make your own “before and after” like this in just 5 hours with some bad posture and bad eating:

June 17, 2012 Update
As predicted, this video went back online. Sixpackshortcuts seems pretty mum about this, havent seen any post or explanation about why the video was removed by YouTube nor why it was reinstated – yet another “YouTube mistake” I am sure :)