Todays Live YouTube Q&A Session Cancelled

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I’m really sorry but I have to reschedule today’s live YouTube Q&A session. :(  I’m on a very aggressive and tight training schedule for my upcoming double century (200 mile) bike race and there is a storm coming in so I need to do a long training ride today.

I admit it, its incredibly poor planning on my part that caused this.  My 2012 fitness goal of doing a double century was set back in January but I didn’t get around to looking at race dates till last week and then I got a very unpleasant surprise.  I either had to race in 3 weeks or not till late October – one date far too soon and one far too late.  Anyway, I am going for it but need to use every rideable training day between now and then.  The race is on the 25th of March and I need five rest days before the race.  My personal go/no-go criteria is that I need to be able to do a 100 mile ride with 4000′ of vertical in less than 8 hours before the 19th of March.  That is only NINE days away, yikes! In a normal year this wouldn’t have been a problem at all but back in September I had some serious knee inflammation that curtailed all my cardio for a very long time and its only in the last month or two that I have been ramping back up. Athletes lose cardio fitness far faster than strength with inactivity and I have only a short time to see if I can get mine back up to where I can complete a 200 mile race. We will see if I can do it.

I promise I will reschedule this event soon.
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