How to Fake Before And After Testimonials

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Those before and after photos used to sell expensive eBooks, DVD workout programs, supplements, and infomercial exercise devices are easy to fake – you dont even need to use photoshop!  This great howto video shows you how to go from muscular and ripped to fat and puffy in just five hours, then all you have to do is switch the “before” and “after” photos!  Check out this video from furiouspete on youtube.

Just to be clear though, FuriousPete is not saying that the before and after pictures that he shows in his video are fake. That is not the point of this very funny video. The only point of the video is how amazingly easy it is for the same person on the same day to look either fat and out of shape or ripped and muscular just with lighting, posture, oil, and good old fashioned bloating.