How to tell good fitness advice from bad fitness advice

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There are so many fitness videos on YouTube and blogs out there and they all have conflicting advice, how can you possibly figure out which ones know their stuff and which ones are worthless?

Follow the Money!
Its that easy!!! Before you even watch that YouTube video, click on the username to view their profile. What are they selling? Supplements? An eBook? A newsletter? Exercise equipment? If they are selling something, keep that in mind when you are watching their videos! Often these people are just using their videos as very well disguised infomercials to sell their product. Next fitness video you watch, ask yourself this question after watching it:

If I follow their advice, how much will I have to spend and who will get that money?

If their video leads you to think it would be a good idea to give them money, then that is a definite conflict of interest. Might they fudge the truth just a bit to make more money? Certainly! Their advice is obviously very biased if they stand to make money from it!
The biggest and best lie of all is one that people truly want to believe. People want to believe they can gain muscle fast. People want to believe they can do spot fat removal. People want to believe they can get ripped abs fast. The unscrupulous YouTube video producers out there will promise you these things … if you give them money! Dont fall for it!!
Having said that, dont be complete jaded. There are a few folks out there who give great free advice even though they sell stuff but they are few and far between.
Want free unbiased advice? I dont sell anything! Please visit Follow the money, I tell you exactly how I support – no mysteries, no kickbacks, no bias.