What does Scooby say at the end of his videos?

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People often wonder what I say at the end of my videos and why. What I say is in German

“Alles Klar? Auf Wiedersehen!”

“Alles Klar?” Means, do you get it? Do you understand?
“Auf Wiedersehen” Means goodbye, until we see each other again
So why do I speak German at the end? I worked in Germany for two years and loved it. Some German phrases are just more compact than their English equivalents so I like using them. In one video, I got a comment from a viewer saying “Who is Peter Zane?” I puzzled and puzzled and died laughing when it occurred to me that they thought “Auf Widersehen” was “I’m Peter Zane”.
I thought this would be a great place to keep track of all the funny things that people think I’m saying, please add your own to the list!!!