Boycott Optimum Nutrition 100% natural protein powder

I have been recommending Optimum Nutrition 100% Natural protein powder for over a decade now but I can no longer recommend it. Optimum Nutrition, are you listening? Do you care? In the old days, they really used to be 100% natural, then they reformulated, and reformulated again until we have this:

What in the heck is “Rebaudioside A”? Doesnt sound natural to me! What about “Aminogen TM”, last I checked, you couldn’t trademark nature. How in the heck can they call this product “100% Natural” when it contains trademarked compounds??? What are they hiding in that trademarked Aminogen that they dont want us to know about? Legally, they dont have to disclose whats in it.
Help me find a new natural protein powder to support and promote on my website. Please post links in your comments to 100% Natural products.